Who Are We? 

Inspectorio is a diverse, global team made up of engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and others with multidisciplinary backgrounds.

We aim to provide revolutionary technology to transform quality inspections and facility assessments for brands, retailers, suppliers, and factories to establish trust and confidence with the most important player in the global production chain – consumers.

History of Inspectorio

Founded in 2016, Inspectorio set out to revolutionize the supply chain industry. Today, we work with many of the world’s leading brands and retailers, and over 15,000 vendor and factory organizations across the globe to bring unparalleled levels of visibility, transparency and accuracy to their quality and compliance initiatives!

Now in 2020 we are expanding our vision, and are launching our newest product – Konfya!

Konfya, or ‘Confia’ means to trust. Now organizations from all types of industries can benefit from our best-in-class compliance and risk assessment software – and restore trust in their business operations. 

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At Inspectorio, our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions.

The following core values define what’s important to us at Inspectorio.

Inspectorio Values - Excellence inspectorio About E


We pursue mastery and craftmanship. “Good enough” is our enemy. 


We have a thirst and desire for knowledge and continuous improvement because there’s always an opportunity to be better. 


We aim to be the best at what we do and we are fiercely competitive. 
Inspectorio Values - Autonomy inspectorio About A


We act independently when we recognize an opportunity for improvement.  


We seek guidance, alignment, and clear goals instead of orders or hand holding. 


We self-assess the quality and impact of our work, identify opportunities to improve, and make changes proactively. 
Inspectorio Values - Courage inspectorio About C


We share our opinion and insights, even if it’s uncomfortable. 


We are candid and direct with everyone we work with. 


We are willing to experiment and try something new, even if we’re not sure it will succeed.
Inspectorio Values - Humbleness inspectorio About H


We crave opportunities to learn from the people around us. 


We focus on listening to other perspectives because we know we don’t have all the answers or best solutions. 


We recognize that vanity and ego are the enemies of great ideas and outstanding products. 

“Push the limits of your comfort zone, and take chances. No one ever revolutionized an industry by playing it safe.” 

Carlos Moncayo

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