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Empower your use of the Inspectorio platform with progressive education

Inspectorio Academy provides learners with an interactive E-Learning environment. The courses are suitable for all learning styles and available in multiple languages.

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What does Inspectorio Academy do?

Inspectorio Academy develops E-Learning programs that contribute to a smooth onboarding process for all platform users. By using our advanced training system, forward-thinking organizations can easily transition to a digital, interconnected, and empowered production chain.

Our E-Learning courses leverage the latest industry technologies to create engaging educational solutions. Take advantage of these innovative training strategies by requesting a customized E-Learning course to easily educate your entire ecosystem to comply with your quality assurance standards.

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Inspectorio Academy enables enhanced collaboration for you and your production network.

How can Inspectorio Academy benefit you and your production network?

Improved Collaboration

Request customized E-Learning programs to educate your entire ecosystem. Our cost-effective training solution gives you instant access to a global audience.

Learner Analytics

Track learner progress and assessment results in real-time to ensure training compliance and facilitate continuous improvement.

Smooth Platform


Our immersive online training solutions teach our users how to perform key actions in our platform.

Easy Adoption

Using the latest instructional design methodologies, we create effective, task-based learning strategies that facilitate easy adoption of our platform.


Interactive Multimedia:

A wide variety of interactive multimedia is employed to keep our learners engaged, regardless of their learning style.

Platform Simulations:

Platform simulations enable our learners to practice their new skills in a demo environment – without impacting your real data.

Renewable Certification

Learners earn digital awards and certifications as they become proficient in platform practices. Request your own renewable certificate to encourage compliance with your standards.
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