Written by Fernando Moncayo Castillo, Chief Sales Office & Co-Founder at Inspectorio.

Hearing or reading about exponential technologies is something we currently do on a daily basis. Conversations about social networks and the sharing economy with the “Uber” effect are no longer in vogue. Millions have read books, attended seminars and conferences, and some have even done consulting in the field. But with everything that has been said, how much has been applied to supply chain management?

It is hard to believe that almost the entire industry of quality verification and inspections continues to use archaic tools that include digital cameras, paper, clipboards, and pencils.

Negligence levels, unreported defects, and even poor practices persisting due to a lack of traceability and visualization in the inspection process are rampant. Despite not having specific data, it is sufficient to check the percentages of merchandise returned in the retail industry, where margins are shrinking on a daily basis; the increase in competition; and the existence of new business models that means that this factor can represent the difference between profit and loss over an entire year of work.

Inspectorio was one of the first companies to digitalize inspection management through the mobile apps. These practices launched a revolution that will reach all industries that seek true transparency and visibility in the verification process.

The world not only demands greater efficiency during the inspection process, but also the creation of corporate networks and ecosystems that can communicate and share information through the use of a single software suite, a unique language, and a single network.

Similar to what happened in the 80s when word processors were introduced, opening the doors to creating an operating system that, through the internet, has morphed into a collaborative management and communication system, it is time to create a platform where buyers, producers, and manufacturers (and in the future, even the consumers) can share the results and findings of product quality inspections and factory audits. Technology, collaboration, and empowerment are the answers to true transparency.

Not only do the new generations of consumers demand more knowledge as to where, how, and who manufactured or produced the product that they are using or consuming, but current consumers are those who need more information to fulfill their desire of making fair, responsible, and even ethical purchases.

Someone who is not interested in collaborating and sharing information needs to stop talking about transparency. We need stakeholders who are more committed, capable of adopting new technologies, of thinking and acting within open, inclusive, and visible networks. In Inspectorio we have created the first SaaS quality control and provider verification platform that brings all of these standards together. We believe that by interconnecting through work, brands and retailers around the world can truly be transparent with their consumers.

All for one and one for all? Could this premise be applied through technology and networking in the world of quality inspections? In Inspectorio, we firmly believe that it is possible, and are actively working toward our goal.

Let’s stop talking and start acting. At the end of the day, we are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

Inspectorio SIGHT is an end-to-end quality control platform that digitizes and optimizes pre-production, inline, final, warehouse, and remote inspections across the global production chain. SIGHT leverages advanced data analytics and machine learning to assess risk and recommend predictive actions to drive continuous improvements. With a fully configurable platform, you can standardize and automate quality operations for increased visibility and collaboration across your supply chain. Shift your quality operations from reactive to preventive.

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