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Environmental, Social and Health & Safety (COVID-19) compliance Made easy!

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Inspectorio Rise allows organizations to maintain profiles of their manufacturing capabilities, verified audit data, and more. Create custom assessments and corrective action plans, integrate data from internationally recognized standards, compare your supply chain against industry benchmarks, all within one centralized platform.

Traditional methods of managing suppliers often involve cumbersome manual processes, which make it difficult to verify identities and track documents like social, environment and health & safety audits, ISO certifications, and technical capability audits throughout the lifecycle of a supplier. 

Inspectorio Rise is designed to eliminate time-consuming manual processes, bring transparency to the global production chain, and help reduce the risk of fraud and errors, ultimately creating frictionless connectivity across production networks.

Audit fatigue and disconnected production chains should be issues of the past

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Centralized Supply Chain Visibility

Collect and verify assessment data from your vendors and factories, integrate data from third-party standards, initiate and track corrective action and continuous improvement programs, and more.

These are some of the ways in which Inspectorio enables you to have a centralized view of your business partners and facilities around the world.

Analytics and Machine Learning Insights

The data collected during health & safety, responsible sourcing and compliance audits is extremely valuable; do not let it sit in Excel files and isolated databases.

Instead, capture or integrate that data on the Inspectorio platform, and let our powerful analytics and machine learning algorithms provide you with the insights you need.

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Collaborative Network Dynamics

Inspectorio’s network dynamics allow vendors and factories to showcase the results of audits conducted at their facilities by third parties so that they can choose to avoid duplicating that audit with clients.

This results in significant savings for brands and retailers, and diminishes audit fatigue for vendors and factories.

Proactive Continuous Improvement Programs

Drive progress throughout your production chain by having data-driven, dynamic continuous improvement programs that you can track at any time.

Define goals for your entire production network or for a single supplier, define how you’re going to achieve that goal, and then follow up to make sure you reach it, all within Inspectorio Rise. 

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Configurable Assessment Questionnaires and Scoring Logic

Propel your health & safety, responsible sourcing and sustainability programs in the way that best suits to your needs by leveraging our configurable questionnaires and scoring logic.

Your admin users will be able to create engaging questionnaires using videos, answer-based flows, file upload modules, and more. Then, you’ll be able to decide how these questionnaires should be scored to make sure your supply chain is living up to your standards.

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