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Improve communication in your supply chain with a digital quality platform

The lack of communication between stakeholders in the supply chain slows down collaboration and hinders efficiency. Communication is key for supply chain management success, yet many organizations struggle with building effective communication channels. The Inspectorio Sight platform facilitates real-time communication across the supply chain, creating new and effective ways of managing your quality operations. Watch the video below to learn more! Want to learn more about how Inspectorio Sight can streamline communications across your supply chain?

Inspectorio Wins 1st Place at Coresight Research Innovator Showcase

We are honored and humbled to have won 1st place at Coresight Research’s recent Innovator Showcase, where Inspectorio, alongside other growth stage technology companies, presented solutions for the most pressing problems facing the retail industry today. Pre-event Q&A with David Klein, President and Co-Founder of Inspectorio, and Deborah Weinsberg, CEO of Coresight Research. On February 18th Coresight Research hosted its first pitch series event of the year, featuring 5...

How to drive productivity and save costs with a self-inspection program

COVID-19 exposed many fraying wires in the inspection industry’s long-held systems, but it was inspections themselves that turned out to be particularly vulnerable to disruption. Brands and retailers lean heavily on inspections to uphold the quality of their products, maintain visibility over their supply chains, and avoid costly defect/return cycles. But when inspectors could no longer visit factories — as a result of travel restrictions due to the global...


How to maximize ROI on your compliance programs

The benefits of outsourcing production — which include lower costs and well-equipped factories — have long been countered by the difficulty of conducting effective compliance audits. While essential for any company with overseas suppliers, conventional audits remain an expensive and inefficient means of monitoring compliance and sustainability in the supply chain. “Persistent scandals involving illegal or dangerous working conditions show that the standard factory audit is inadequate as a...

How to dramatically increase the efficiency of your compliance programs

Compliance regulations across the global supply chain are increasing every day. And the compliance challenges too. How can a digital platform for compliance management help you better manage internal and external compliance requirements? By digitizing and automating compliance programs, you not only cut costs but dramatically increase efficiency and performance. Watch the video below to learn more! Want to learn more about Inspectorio's digital platform for compliance management?

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The Importance of Compliance

As we move into 2021, compliance is climbing up the agenda of supply chain executives around the world and the development and implementation of effective compliance programs is consuming an increasing amount of time, talent, and capital for organizations. Companies with larger supply chains will find compliance management more challenging due to the growing complexity around regulatory compliance. Watch the video below to learn more!

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