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Learn more about how our clients have eliminated manual, time-consuming processes, creating more efficient, effective and streamlined quality assurance operations – all using Inspectorio Sight!

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Delta Galil Industries

How did global manufacturer, Delta Galil Industries, accelerate their transition from a forward-thinking organization to a digital, interconnected, and empowered production chain?

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Avalon Apparel Group

Avalon’s traditional quality assurance processes were leading to drawbacks such as time-consuming data collection & manual report writing, and and inability to analyze data in a meaningful way. Learn how the Inspectorio Sight platform was able to resolve these pinpoints by reducing manual workload, increasing transparency and collecting & analyzing data in real-time.

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Winga Apparel Group

“Now working with Inspectorio, things are consolidated, it’s web-based, and everyone’s connected” (Danny Lo, Chairman, Winga Vietnam). Learn more about how Winga Apparel Group has been able to increase the speed and efficiency of their quality assurance processes, and leverage real-time data & analytics to improve their manufacturing processes – all using the Inspectorio Sight platform!

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Vera Bradley

Across the quality and compliance industry, many inspections are still recorded with pen and paper. Vital emails sit unread. Companies struggle to construct useful analytics from incomplete data. Inspectorio Sight has brought a comprehensive solution to this complex set of problems.

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Case Studies

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Learn more about how our clients have automated and optimized their sustainability and compliance operations using Inspectorio Rise!

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Inspectorio And BGMEA

In order to fight Covid-19, the government, industry organizations, brands, retailers, suppliers and factory owners must work together to protect the lives of the millions of workers. The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) recognizes this duty and has partnered with Inspectorio in their implementation of COVID-19 Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines to assess the manufacturing facilities of their more than 4,000 factory members.

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